Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why Politicians Should Ignore Petitions

Here is a funny video of Penn and Teller getting people to sign a petition against the toxic chemical dihydogen monoxide to "help the environment".

Now it doesn't bother me too much that most people don't know that dihydrogen monoxide is just another term for water. What really annoys me is that so many people are willing to sign a petition about an issue they clearly know nothing about. This was just a silly prank, but in real life petitions are used to put items on the ballot, influence policy and sway the public . Petition signature gatherers are often paid by the signature, so they have the incentive to tell you just about anything they think will get you to sign.

So the next time someone shoves a petition in front of you, read what the petition actually says, and if it's something you've never heard of, just give it a pass.


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Anonymous Jennifer Elbaum said... want people to READ before they sign? Isn't that a lot to ask?

Very good point!

2:18 PM  

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