Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Feet

This video makes me smile. It's great to see someone dancing who isn't particularly good at it, who just looks he's enjoying himself. And the bits where onlooking kids join in are simply joyous.

From Where the Hell Is Matt?
Matt is a 30-year-old deadbeat from Connecticut who used to think that all he ever wanted to do in life was make and play videogames. He achieved this goal pretty early and enjoyed it for a while, but eventually realized there might be other stuff he was missing out on. In February of 2003, he quit his job in Brisbane, Australia and used the money he'd saved to wander around the planet until it ran out. He made this site so he could keep his family and friends updated about where he is.
He videotaped himself dancing in various spots around the world, and those videos eventually gave him his 15 minutes of internet fame. They also caught the attention of "Stride long-lasting gum", who ended up paying for a second world-wide dancing tour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:32 PM  
Blogger steadydrip said...

Cheers for Matt! I don't know if the video you have posted is the inaugural tour or the subsequent, but I was thinking, Matt must be pretty much of a miser to save the dough to fund that incredible trip. It was wonderful to watch. He ought to think about contacting some travel agencies.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

How very sad is this! I could have gone to all of those places and done so much more than dance! The guy is wigged, man! I wonder how he financed his dancing jig across the world. This was both whimsical and painful. I'm doing something wrong in life if I cannot do the things that Matt does in so many places!


3:42 AM  
Anonymous D.T. Kelly said...

I've seen this before. Matt sure does get around. Good for him. ;)

8:25 AM  

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