Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Best of 2005: Fun and Games

Happy New Year readers! After a brief holiday, I'm back with a round up of some of the more interesting "best of 2005" lists. The first of the new year is always slow going anyway, so ease into it with some of the best time wasters of 2005:

Jay is Games lists the best on-line games reviewed in 2005. I personally love Web Sodoku for a quick "cross-number" kind of puzzle, and Death in Sakkara is a fun adventure. Samorost 2 is fun to play and pretty looking to boot. The only one on the list that I tried and didn't like much was The Dark Complex, which I found very complicated, so I quit in a huff (back to the soothing Sodoku!). I'm looking forward to trying some of the others on the list I hadn't seen before.

Download Squad lists the "Top 10 Web Moments of 2005", from the "Numa Numa Dance" video to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Check out their list to see if there were any you missed.

iFilm lists the best viral videos of 2005. The Numa Numa dance makes another list, as well as the reworked version of "The Shining" trailer as a feel good movie, and several others.

The Genealogue lists his best posts of 2005, for a slightly different take on genealogy news, from the Worst Family Reunion Ever to Cemetery Mishaps.

BBC News lists " 100 things we didn't know this time last year" which boils down the news into some interesting trivia - actually some of them I didn't know until I read the list. If you didn't realize that " The = sign was invented by 16th Century Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde, who was fed up with writing "is equal to" in his equations." or that "Giant squid eat each other - especially during sex." be sure to check this out. (And yes, they do link to the original news articles).

EarthCam lists the 25 most interesting web cams of 2005. They include webcams from all around the globe (sorry no porn). One of my favorites is the Eiffel Tower webcam, but on gloomy days like today, Tahiti and Hawaii sure look nice.

Learn Out Loud has the top 10 podcast episodes of the year. Some of them sound pretty geeky, but the Science Friday episode on "The Science of Superheroes" is fun (OK and geeky too).

• If you think you're smart, taking Jon Carroll's anual Xmas trivia quiz is a humbling experience (no cheating by Googling!). The answers may surprise you.

Enjoy and ease into 2006!

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