Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wednesday: Dinner at Trattoria Dell'Arte

After freshening up and taking a brief nap, we were ready to head out again. Dinner was arranged for us at Trattoria Dell'Arte, an Italian restaurant that is right by Carnegie Hall and just a few blocks from our hotel. The last meal we had had was a breakfast sandwich at the Denver Airport, so we were definitely ready to eat.

The decor was a bit anatomical (but not unappetizing), with giant lips on the wall, and famous Roman noses on the napkin ring.

The food was delicious, I don't think it was just our empty stomachs talking. I started with the "Artichokes all Giudea" which are fried "Roman Jewish Ghetto style" - no breading and with a squeeze of lemon juice. Gene started off with the prosciutto di Parma and mozzarella. We both had veal as our main course - my veal scaloppine marsala had several kinds of mushrooms and shaved black truffles. So good. A tasty bottle of red wine and we were happy eaters. We skipped dessert and just finished with a cup of coffee. I'd go back if there weren't a million other restaurants I'd like to try.
More to come . . .

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Sounds yummy.

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