Monday, December 08, 2008

Day 4: Ground Zero and Canstruction

On Saturday morning we headed Downtown to Ground Zero. There are covered fences all along the WTC site, with short stretch open for viewing. At the moment, there really isn't much to actually see. If I didn't know differently, I would have thought it was just a large construction site. There is a simple list of names of the "Heroes of September 11, 2001". And that's it. There is a also an artist's rendition of what the site will look like once construction is completed. It would have been nice to learn about what had made those I suppose we would have learned more if we had visited the nearby museum.

We continued on to the World Financial Center, a sort of shopping and business center across West Street from the World Trade Center site. There they had the winners of the annual Canstruction competition, in which the competitors - teams of students, architects and engineers - make sculptures out of canned food. When the exhibit is over, the food will be donated to local food banks. The sculptures remind me a bit of pointillist art, because up close they appear as stacks of cans, while from further away you can see the design as a whole. The winner of the competition is a representation of a Giant Panda ("CANda") made from about 4500 cans of tuna, 1000 cans of Amy's Organic Soup, and 200 bags of brown rice.

More to come . . .

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