Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The 2008 Primaries: Candidates Should Come Shake My Hand

Election season is starting to heat up, and there was some good news relating to the primaries: California legislators are considering moving the primary from June to February. Now, I know this doesn't sound good if you live in New Hampshire or Iowa, but look at it from my Californian perspective. Every four years the candidates spend a vast amount of time wooing the voters in those early primary states. If a candidate does poorly in Iowa, they drop out of the campaign altogether. Think about that. The voters in Iowa, population less than 3 million, get to decide the candidates for the rest of us. What if the city of Los Angeles (population 3.8 million) or Chicago (population 2.8 million) alone had that kind of power? That would be just as silly as letting underpopulated Iowa and New Hampshire decide for the rest of us.

Personally, I think the primaries should be like the elections - all on a single day all across the country. They should be held no more than three months before the November election, and campaigning shouldn't be allowed before the start of the election year. In this day and age television and the internet easily allow the candidates' to be seen by the entire country, no matter where the candidates are physically located. There is no reason we need such a long campaign season. Maybe the problem is that I'm tired of the campaign posturing already, and we've still got more than a year to go before the primary.

Anyway, you hear me Sacramento? Change the primary date! And candidates, come on and buy me a cup of coffee and try to win my vote (I'm registered as "decline to state", so both Republicans and Democrats are welcome to try to woo me - black, no sugar please).

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Anonymous Gillian said...

That makes sense. I (as an Aussie who is an avid election-wathcher) have never understood why so much importance was placed on the early primaries, given they are usually in small atypical states.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Harbormaster said...

They will never make it to Alaska. The election is usally over, before we vote! Of course there isn't much benefit in campaigning here. More people live in Tucson than here...

8:37 PM  

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