Saturday, December 02, 2006

Advent Day 2: Irreverent Spirit of Christmas

Long long ago, when I was a mere lass (or at least in my 20s), there was the Spike and Mike Sick and Twisted animation festival. Long before the Cartoon Network had the [adult swim] block of programming, they showed weird animation shorts that were clearly meant for adults, rather than kids. One of the shorts they premiered was called Spirit of Christmas, and featured an evil Frosty the Snowman who is defeated by Jesus, created by two students, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. A couple years later, Parker and Stone were commissioned to make a second short which features Jesus vs. Santa. While crude, the characters and humor are immediately recognizable to anyone familiar with Parker and Stone's later creation, South Park.

Both videos are now on YouTube (of course!), and have been assembled for you on the Look at This. . . blog. If you aren't familiar with South Park, be warned that the shorts include (paper cut out animation) violence, foul-mouthed kids and lots of irreverence. I would say it's definitely NSFW.

(This is a bit sacrilegious for an "Advent" post, but the whole "shopping and Santa" emphasis of Christmas has little to do with religion anyway.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Spike and Mike! It's been eons snice I heard their names together!

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