Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Advent Day 13: Holiday-Themed Games

This time of year lots of games pop up with a holiday theme. Not surprisingly, many of them are tied in with shopping shopping shopping.(All the games described below are platform independent, but require flash.)

For example, Office Max has 20 different "microsites", with games such as Reindeer Arm Wrestling and the hangman-like Save the Snowman. They also have silly sites like Stuck to a Pole, starring a kid who just had to lick a frozen pole, and North Pole Dancing, where you make Santa dance. If you are bored, check them all out (via AdJab).

Mission in Snowdriftland is an advertisement-adventure game from Nintendo. It's like an advent calendar, with one new unlockable goodie each day in December. According to Jay is Games " ... it contains all sorts of delightful unlockable goodies—from screenshots and wallpapers to videos and ringtones—from several of Nintendo's latest DS handheld and Wii console offerings."

Viral Chart is tracking many other XMAS-related "viral" advertising-related games.

For a non-commercial offering, Orsinal has a new game for the holidays: Winterbells. Like the other games at, the game is simple to play, yet addictive, and has charming graphics and music.

All in all, lots to keep your hands busy while you (pretend to) work.

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