Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just a few more links

A few more Thanksgiving dinner-related links:

The Food Museum blog takes a look at what may have been the real first North American thanksgiving feast:
The first multi-cultural Thanksgiving gathering in North America involved neither them, nor turkeys, as far as researchers know. It took place on the banks of the Rio Grande in April of 1598, and featured a rag tag group of soldiers, families, the Manso native people, priests, and over 7000 domestic animals. The southwest feast on the border of El Nuevo Mexico marked a key confluence of Spanish, Native, and Other ( Anglo) culture.
Snopes has a few funny turkey-cooking legends.

Chaotic Utopia explains the science of gravy making, and provides recipes for both flour-thickened and cornstarch-thickened versions.

Now I'm back to the kitchen!

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