Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Advent Day 1: Feel-good Christmas decorations

Serotonin ornament from Made with MoleculesJust like a traditional Advent Calendar, I plan to share one holiday-related goodie every day until Christmas.

The first entry is sure to make the geek in your household smile: Made with Molecules has a whole line of holiday biochemistry-related goodies. They sell a seratonin molecule wreath card and Christmas tree ornament. As they point out "Serotonin binds to receptors in the brain to induce feelings of happiness, satiation, and relaxation."

They also have other holiday cards that depict either a DNA transcription tree or the PEACE peptide.

They also have gifts for all occasions. You (or someone you love) would probably get a kick out of their molecule jewelry (in the shape of estrogen, caffeine, theobromine (chocolate), serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitters), testosterone boxer shorts, kid & baby clothes depicting glucose (sweet) or oxytocin (cuddle), or the dopamine love card.

(via Mind Hacks)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were at a handmade art show a few weeks back and one vendor had all sorts of great wearable art in the shape of molecules and other geeky stuff. I almost bought a barrette, but they often don't hold my hair well. :(

Still, it was cool, and very much like what you're mentioning here.

7:23 AM  

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