Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warm, windy, brown clouds on the horizon - it must be fire season

The Esperanza fire is, of course, the news of the day. Embarrassingly, I had no idea it was burning until the in-laws called from back east to see if we were in its path. Short answer: nope, no danger to us, other than the smoke hanging in the air.

Sadly, four firefighters have died in what is thought to be an arson fire. (Press-Enterprise article "Arson Suspected in Deadly Fire" - free registration or bugmenot)
smoke from Esperanza fire
smoke from Esperanza fireI took a couple of pix of the big brown cloud heading over us. I like the second one because it shows one of the real distinctions of our area: cell phone towers disguised as pine trees rather than palms.

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