Sunday, October 22, 2006

Countdown to Halloween: October 22 - For the Retro-technically minded

Modern Mechanix has reproduced some great Halloween articles from old pop technology magazines, perfect for those of you who like to "do it yourself":

- Halloween Habiliments: Costume Suggestions (Popular Science, November 1939). The spouting whale would be a great hit, at outdoor parties at least.

- Make Hallowe'en Whoopie with Mechanical Tricks (Modern Mechanix and Inventions, November 1932). As the article says:
ON HALLOWE’EN Eve you can stage all the goofy stunts you have been wanting to exploit for a long time. Nothing is too low-brow for the occasion. It is the one time of the whole year, not even excepting New Year’s, when you can forget worldly cares and the weight of adult responsibilities, and have a thoroughly good time.
Some of the suggestions might leave your party guests more puzzled than spooked, though.
If an about-to-be-married couple is present, you can turn their discomfiture into chuckles with a prune and piece of string.

With a few appropriate words the pair can be told that now is the time to find out who will be boss in their household-to-be.

The prune is threaded to the center of an 8-foot string, then, at a signal, each person starts to “eat” his end of the string. The person first reaching the prune will, without a doubt, be master of the home.
(Also, some of the suggestions might be dangerous, so follow at your own risk.)

- Thrills and Chills for your Halloween Party (Modern Mechanix and Inventions, November 1934). More great stuff, especially if you have items like an old spark plug lying around.

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