Friday, January 13, 2006

One stop shop for science blogs

I've been lagging behind posting here, in part because I've been posting on my other blogs, and updating the Boxkutters web site with more photos. So, here it is, Friday again, and finally I'm adding a new post.

The big news in the science blogging world is the official opening of ScienceBlogs, an offshoot of Seed Magazine, which has the theme "Science is Culture". This is a one stop shop for the best blogs on the intersection of science, culture, law and ethics. Most are bioscience or medicine related, but there is at least one physics blogger as well. A number of blogs that were listed in my blogroll on the sidebar have relocated, including Cognitive Daily, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and Pharyngula. Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, also has a ScienceBlog blog, called The Intersection. I have replaced them on the sidebar a link to the main ScienceBlogs page, where you can either look at the individual blogs, or get a feed of all of the latest posts.

If you want even more science bloggy goodness I also recommend:

• The Loom and In the Pipeline, both part of the Corante Network, (which includes excellent blogs on law, business, technology and other topics).

The Panda's Thumb is an excellent group blog on evolution and science education.

Tangled Bank is a monthly(?) roundup of the best science and medicine posts from around the blogosphere.

• Science magazines are starting to add their own blogs, which can give a different insight into the latest science news. Unfortunately, most don't allow readers to leave comments, which is part of the fun.
- is the blog of the editors of the American Journal of Bioethics. They have excellent coverage of recent events in the world of stem cell research, pharmaceutical research (and drug coverage), vaccinations, psychiatry and much much more.
- SciAm Observations is written by the editors of Scientific American. This covers a wide range of different scientific fields.
- Improbable Research - What's New is the blog of the Annals of Improbable Research, awarder of the annual IgNobel Prize. In their own words "News about research that first makes people LAUGH, and then makes them THINK.

• There are many other blogs that cover the intersection of science, culture and politics that are worth a read, including:
- Boston Globe columnist Chet Raymo's Science Musings (essays on science, nature, culture, religion)
- Mind Hacks (neuroscience and the brain)
- The Questionable Authority (biology, science education)
- Bitch, Ph.D (life as a working mom in academia, as well as what some might call "women's issues", such as reproductive rights, feminism, and misogyny).
- Science and Politics, (covers, well, science and politics. The author also blogs about biological clocks at Circadiana).
- Bad Astronomy Blog (astronomy (obviously) and debunking pseudoscience).
- and many others too numerous to mention.

And for goodness sake, if you don't already have one, download a newsreader (there are several free options listed at the bottom of this page, my preference is NetNewswire Lite), or read your feeds online with Bloglines, My Yahoo, My AOL or similar sites.

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