Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Literary Recipes

An article by Tom Nugent in a 2001 issue of Johns Hopkins magazine presents recipes as they should have been written by the great novelists. Included are "Hemingway's Pan-Fried Mountain Trout in the Afternoon", "Marcel Proust's Chocolate Chip Cookies Madeleine", "Bobbie Sue's Double-Fried Fiery Chicken Violence" by Joyce Carol Oates and, my favorite, "Faulkner's Cracklin'-Broiled Pigs' Feet Vainglorious", which begins:
In the smoldering, shattered ruins of a baronial mansion, find 2 pigs. Collect 6 of their feet. Wrap these tragic survivors in cheesecloth, and cover with boiling water. . .
If I'm ever wandering among the ruins of gutted southern plantation, I'll keep it in mind.

If you are looking for real recipes from or inspired by literary giants, see these links from the Hemingway Society, or sign up for the Worlds of Flavor tour of the Mississippi Delta to "learn the old truths about salting a ham by way of the William Faulkner family recipe".

(via Mom. Thanks mom!)

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