Saturday, December 10, 2005

Advent Day 10: Build a Snowman

The goodie for the tenth day of Advent is a snow man builder from Michael Whaite. Now even those of us in snow-free parts of the world can join in the holiday fun (you can see my own creation on the left). Go to the Snow Fun website to make your own snowman.
There is a gallery of the best creations.

How do you save your creation? If you are running Windows, you apparently press the "Print Screen" button and a file is saved. On your Mac, you can save the image in one of two ways:

- press shift-command (apple)-4 and draw a box around the area you want to copy. A pdf file with the image will appear on your desktop.

- use the program "Grab" which should reside in your Applications->Utilites folder. Grab saves images in tiff format.

- Either a pdf or a tiff file can be opened and cropped using "Preview"

To present your snowman online you'll have to use a program such as "Photoshop", "Graphic Converter", or one of the available shareware programs to save the image in jpg or gif format.

(You can learn more about saving screenshots in Mac OSX at MacDevCenter.)

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