Sunday, November 13, 2005

Join the Carnival

There are so many blogs, I sometimes find it overwhelming. What is difficult is finding new blogs with interesting content. One way to find new blogs is to peruse a Blog Carnival. A Carnival is like a magazine, with an editor/host selecting interesting posts on a specific subjects, published anywhere from once a week to once a month. The host blog changes with each "issue", assuring a variety of different material.

Some good ones:

Is My Blog Burning? (monthly, recipes on a specific theme. The most recent: sweet souffles)

Tangled Bank (twice a month, science with an emphasis on biology, natural history with some medicine, politics and other topics thrown in. The most recent host was The Examining Room of Dr. Charles, with posts about evolution, behavior, genetics and sex, among other things)

History Carnival (twice a month, most recently hosted at Tigerlily Lounge, with entries ranging from Armistice Day, medicine in ancient egypt, dragons and pseudo-science, the ancient Roman Paps, and many others)

There are other carnivals on a variety of topics from philosphy to writingto politics to music to cars to cats. Something for everyone!

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