Thursday, September 08, 2005

Obsessive Record Keeping For Science

An obsessive pensioner was surprised to learn he had been published in a leading scientific journal after keeping a diary for the past 20 years of how many times he mows his lawn.
The record keeper, David Grisenthwaite, not only records his lawn mowing. He told the Daily Telegraph:
"I'm a creature of habit. I also note down every time I shred garden waste and am a great enthusiast of bus timetables."
The collected data was used in an article about global warming.

(via Happy News. The article was published in May Issue of Weather ("The grass is greener (for longer)" by T. H. Sparks, P. J. Croxton, N. Collinson and D. A. Grisenthwaite; Vol. 60 No. 5))

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