Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: Links to Health Information

The National Institutes of Health has published a list of helpful links to Health Information relation to Hurricane Katrina. The linked information is useful even to those of us who were not hit by the hurricane*.

Some of the linked pages include:

Food Safety in a Power Outage, including which foods are safe to eat after 2 hours at higher than refrigerator temperatures** (pdf file)
Drinking Water
What to do about bites & stings and spider bites
Hazardous Substances Data Bank
Prepare Your Pets for a Disaster
Flood Cleanup

* According to today's LA Times "California Earthquake Could Be the Next Katrina" (free registration required)

** As an aside, it's clear from this list that mayonnaise does NOT instantly go bad; it only says discard if above 50 degrees for 8 or more hours.

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