Saturday, September 10, 2005

American Routes: Music from and about New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

This week on American Routes:
American Routes host Nick Spitzer takes you in story and song to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Nick blends music and commentary that describes the place of storms and floods in the history and culture of the city and region. Featured are classic blues about broken levees and broken hearts, celebratory jazz funerals and memories of the city in song. Artists include Louis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson, Fats Domino and Randy Newman among others... Also tales of hurricanes past in Cajun music and a visit with the leader of a Cajun rescue flotilla, Lafayette, LA public radio station manager Dave Spizale.

American Routes is broadcasting from radio station KRVS, since thei studios in the French Quarter are inaccessible.

Radio stations are broadcasting this program today and tomorrow. Many of the stations have live webcasts. For example, KCLU (Sunday 6pm), lets one chose between RealAudio, Windows Media Player and MP3 (listenable in iTunes) live streams.

UPDATE: You can read about the show and listen to audio clips in this September 7 article from the New York Times, This Song Goes Out to You, Big Easy

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