Friday, August 19, 2005

Bartleby: one stop writing reference site has a great set of writing and reference tools for writing, including:

- American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language
- Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus
- The Columbia Guide to Standard American English
- The Columbia World of Quotations
- The Columbia World of Quotations
- The World Factbook
- The Encyclopedia of World History

Just for fun (or reference) there are a number of historical texts as well:
- William Struck, "The Elements of Style", 1918
- HL Menken, "The American Language", 1921
- John Bartlett "Familiar Quotations", 1919
- Emily Post "Etiquette", 1922
- Fannie Farmer "The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book", 1918
- Henry Gray "Anatomy of the Human Body", 1918

All are searchable.

(And as a bonus there are a number of works of fiction and non-fiction; poetry, short stories, essays and novels (all in the public domain).)

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you could use it to write a novel. Hint Hint Hint

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